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Charles is a fun and engaging speaker who will entertain and challenge your audience. Available for keynotes, interactive workshops and as a moderator, facilitator, or emcee, however you engage him, Charles will ensure that your audience is inspired, fired-up and thinking about their future by the time they leave his session!

Charles Araujo is a technology analyst and internationally recognized authority on the Digital Enterprise and Leadership in the Digital Era who advises technology companies and enterprise leaders on how to navigate the transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital Era. Having spent over thirty years in the technology industry, he has been researching Digital Transformation long before it became the uber-buzzword of today, and is now focused on helping Digital Era Leaders prepare themselves and their organizations as the macro trends of the primacy of the customer and the primacy of the algorithm collide, ushering us into what he calls The New Human Age.

Principal Analyst with Intellyx, founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation, author of three books, and most recently the co-founder (with his wife) of The MAPS Institute, he is a sought-after keynote speaker and has been quoted or published in CIO, Time, InformationWeek, CIO Insight, NetworkWorld, Computerworld, USA Today, and Forbes.

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Need Some Digital Era Insight?

The great challenge of the Digital Era is that everything is shifting. The rules have all changed and you need insight and perspective that will help you navigate this new world. I work with a limited number of technology companies and enterprise organizations to provide research, advisory, and marketing support that will help you and your organizations thrive in the Digital Era.

Research & Advisory

I work with a select number of technology companies to provide advisory and support with marketing efforts.

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Marketing & Events

I work with technology companies to support their marketing efforts by hosting or participating in …

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I am available to serve in an advisory capacity with select executives and boards of directors.

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To support enterprise transformational efforts, we have developed a number of workshops which can be delivered in-person …

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The #NewHumanAge


Human Age?

Your Humanness is Your Advantage

In a technology-driven world, it is the very things that make you human — creativity, innovation and ingenuity — that will set you apart and allow you to thrive. The #NewHumanAge is about applying them in the context of this new era of machines.

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Are You Future-Proof?

Charlie's Latest Thoughts

— Charles Araujo

“Embracing your humanness is the key to transforming your life, reshaping your organization and thriving in a technology-driven world.”

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