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— Charles Araujo

“Embracing your humanness is the key to transforming your life, reshaping your organization and thriving in a technology-driven world.”

About Charles


Keynote Speaker

Charles has engaged audiences around the world with his inspiring and thought-provoking message about thriving in the digital era.

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Best-Selling Author

Charles’ best-selling books explore the individual and organizational impact of technology and how we must respond.

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Technology Industry Analyst

As Principal Analyst with Intellyx, Charles provides in-depth analysis on the technologies that are transforming our world.

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The #NewHumanAge


Human Age?

Your Humanness is Your Advantage

In a technology-driven world, it is the very things that make you human — creativity, innovation and ingenuity — that will set you apart and allow you to thrive. The #NewHumanAge is about applying them in the context of this new era of machines.

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