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Today's organizations are facing a whole new set of threats and opportunities. The driver of value creation has shifted from optimization to the customer experience — and that demands that organizations transform their business, operating, and management models. In this period of continuous disruption, we need a new type of leader that will transform themselves, their organizations, and their teams for the Digital Era.

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A Unique Moment for Transformation

Despite all the talk about pandemic-induced transformation, most organizations have merely responded to a rapidly-changing reality as fast as possible. That sort of reactionary response was appropriate and even admirable, but transformation it wasn’t.

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Industrialisation against digital transformation | Charles Araujo on Engati CX

Charles Araujo, Founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation talks to us about how we can identify the biggest obstacle to enterprises who want to go through the digital transformation process. He also shares what has been the most profound, technological impact on the business world to date.

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Driving Better Student Engagement through Automation

In this 45 minute Higher Ed webinar with Live Q&A, John Rezendes, Director of Information Services at Cal State Stanislaus, and Principal Analyst at Intellyx, Charles Araujo, will walk you through how colleges and universities are leveraging Process Automation to drive better student engagement.

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About Me.

Hi! I'm Charlie. I am an industry analyst, futurist, author of three books, professional speaker, columnist, husband, father, and a whole host of other things.

But here's what I'm about: helping enterprise leaders transform themselves and their organizations for the future. 

I want to help you Be The Leader for the Digital Era.

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