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The Industrial Age is over. You need to reshape your organization, build a technology-powered transformation engine, and unleash the power of your humanness to be a Digital Leader.

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Today's organizations are facing a whole new set of threats and opportunities. The driver of value creation has shifted from optimization to the customer experience — and that demands that organizations transform their business, operating, and management models. In this period of continuous disruption, we need a new type of leader that will transform themselves, their organizations, and their teams for the Digital Era.

I'm hoping that's you.

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Welcome to the team engagement podcast where leaders of team share their insights. We discuss six questions in nine minutes because leaders know how to be concise.

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Service management for 2021: being adaptable to change

As technology analyst, Charles Araujo, wrote in The Quantum Age of IT, his 2012 book: “IT is now entering the retail phase.” His ideas remain valid today, with a greater focus on customer experience, the reinvention of technical roles and even the value stream idea developed through ITIL 4.

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5 Reasons the Slack Acquisition Should Make You Shiver

This piece isn’t about this being a bad acquisition. Instead, it lays bare what I believe is an ominous trend that threatens to negatively impact both enterprise leaders and the tech community if it continues to play out. And I felt it was important to talk about it.

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About Me.

Hi! I'm Charlie. I am an industry analyst, futurist, author of three books, professional speaker, columnist, husband, father, and a whole host of other things.

But here's what I'm about: helping enterprise leaders transform themselves and their organizations for the future. 

I want to help you Be The Leader for the Digital Era.

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"Mr. Araujo is a wonderful writer with a talent for elucidating ideas and stimulating "ah-ha" moments."

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