Work With Me

I provide advisory services, research, keynotes, workshops, and event services to both tech companies and enterprise leaders that are transforming the world for the Digital Era.

Which Leader are You?

I serve three types of people: technology company executives and marketers, enterprise executives, and individual enterprise leaders.

Technology Company Executives and Marketers

Your solutions can help enterprise leaders thrive in the Digital Era, but communicating that and getting the word out is tough. I can help.

Enterprise Executives

You need to transform your organization from the inside out. That's hard work. There are a number of ways I can help (and none of them are consulting!). 

Individual Enterprise Leaders

Follow my work at The DX Report. Insights and analysis for enterprise IT leaders on new tech and emerging practices.

Services for Technology Executives and Marketers

Breaking through the noise and static of the enterprise technology market is no easy task. To do so, you need two things: insight and reach.

I can help with both.

You can leverage my decades as an enterprise buyer and my on-going research on Digital Transformation to gain the insights you need to differentiate your solutions and craft an effective go-to-market strategy. And you can leverage my research content and years of speaking experience to extend your reach and support your event and content marketing efforts.

Advisory Services

I work closely with a small number of technology companies to help guide go-to-market strategy and messaging on an advisory basis. My goal is to build a deep understanding of your solution's unique differentiators and your strategic and marketing goals and objectives in the context of my already deep understanding of enterprise executives' priorities, hot-buttons, and evolving mindsets.

With this understanding, I am able to help you refine your go-to-market strategies and messaging to best appeal to your various enterprise constituencies and stand out from your competition. I generally provide advisory services on a retainer basis, but will entertain project engagements.

Commissioned Research and Analysis

In addition to my on-going research on Digital Transformation, I conduct commissioned research and analysis that you can use for lead generation and other marketing activities.

I can conduct this research on topics related to digital transformation, the customer experience, the future of work, and their supporting technologies. Commissioned projects can include primary quantitative or qualitative research, or analysis of previously conducted or secondary research.

Marketing Events (Live and Virtual)

There is little question that customer conferences, executive events, webinars, and other live and virtual events are an essential way of connecting with current and potential customers and developing authentic, results-generating relationships with them.

But having an insightful, engaging, and experienced speaker, moderator, or host is critical to realizing this potential.

I have been a professional speaker for almost a decade and have delivered keynotes to over 20,000 people in a dozen countries around the world. In addition, I've conducted countless webinars, in-person and virtual workshops, and hosted dozens of executive roundtables and customer advisory board meetings.

Let me help make your next event a smashing success!

It's Time to Break Through

If you have an innovative technology that can help enterprise leaders transform their organizations, I want to hear about it — and I'd love to help you get it in front of the right people in the right way.

Let me help.

Services for Enterprise Executives

Transformation. Easy to say. Hard to do.

I know because I spent years of my career leading large-scale, enterprise transformation programs (it's actually what put me on this crazy career path!). It takes a lot of work, and equal parts inspiration and perspiration.

And while there's no simple way to just "buy a transformation" (although there are a few consultants who will try to sell it!), there are a few ways that I can help you execute a real-deal, meaningful transformation that will put you and your organization on a path to the future. (Just remember, I'm not a consultant!)

Corporate Talks and Workshops (Live and Virtual)

The first step to transformation is helping your teams understand the need to change. The second step is to give them the tools and skills they need to make the change happen.

You can use the same keynotes that I have delivered to over 20,000 people in a dozen countries around the world to help your teams understand what is happening, why it will change everything, how it will impact them and what they need to do next.

Then, interactive, immersive, and skills-based workshops I have developed with The Institute for Digital Transformation (which I founded) and The MAPS Institute (which I founded with my wife) can help your teams build the foundational skills they'll need to help lead your organization into the Digital Era. 

Advisory Services

While I am not a consultant (sorry, I must be suffering from some latent trauma!), I am available to serve in an advisory capacity to select enterprise executives and boards of directors (including serving on advisory boards).

While each enterprise advisory engagement is customized to your specific needs, I will generally advise on topics such as:

  • Emerging technologies and trends related to the transformation of value creation, business and operating model transformation, and the future of work
  • Proposed or active transformation efforts
  • My research on Digital Transformation and its supporting technologies

I generally provide advisory services on a retainer basis, but will entertain project engagements.

It's Go Time

Transformation is no longer an option. It has now become a strategic — and existential — imperative. You need the right insights and you need to get your team on-board and ready to go.

Let me help.