May 26, 2018

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39. The New Human Age – Why Embracing Your Humanness Is the Key to Transforming Your Life, Reshaping Your Organization and Thriving in a Technology-Driven World

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How do you have an impact in your career, within your organization — in your life — at a time in which machines are seemingly running everything?

The post-industrial ‘Digital Era’ is fundamentally changing everything we know about how the world works.

A new generation of smart machines, powered by artificial intelligence and algorithms are changing how we work and live.

The simple, pre-ordained pathways of the Industrial Age are no longer available to us.

We must chart a new course for ourselves and our organizations to find purpose and profit in a very different world.
But the answer is not as simple as just becoming more technology savvy or merely changing the way we work.

In a future in which we will automate anything we can reduce to an algorithm, you must embrace the very qualities that make us human and rediscover three surprising skills that will unleash the creativityimagination and empathy that machines do not possess.

In fact, the secret to your success and fulfillment — and the success of any team or organization you lead — will not be in merely becoming more ‘digital,’ but in embracing your humanness to find your digital purpose in the new human age.

(Additional info: this is the first time he is talking publicly about his upcoming book – the title and abstract are verbatim his working title and abstract for the book at current. The three words in bold are the factors that in his mind define our humanness and that he focused on in his talk)

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