January 17, 2020

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Episode 1 – Charles Araujo and the New Human Age

Published on Techno-Biotic

Charles Araujo and The New Human Age


In our premier episode we talk about the state of Humanity in Tech in 2020 and some of what CES brought us followed by an interview with best selling author and internationally recognized expert on Digital Transformation Charles Araujo where we discuss the dawn of the Digital Era and the New Human Age. 


Can you believe it is 2020?

  • Shane can’t believe that there are still no jetpacks, flying cars, teleporters, or food synthesizers.
  • Matt talks about the Gizmo smart watch from Verizon that his daughter got for Christmas
  • Laura talks about brain scanning as a way to better understand yourself and references the work of Dr. Amen

CES – Consumer Electronics Show 2020 discussion

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