April 23, 2020

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How COVID-19 Will Change ITSM – a Crowdsourced Perspective

By Sophie Danby
Published in ITMS.Tools

In difficult times, while there needs to be attention on the firefighting at hand, it’s also good to look to the future. Not only to be prepared for what needs to happen next but also to see the signs of the sun appearing after the rain. Hence, for this article, I’ve asked a number of industry authorities to provide their opinions on how IT service management (ITSM) will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

With the official question being:

How do you think COVID19 is going to impact the future of ITSM?

Thankfully, most of what is said is positive – with most industry authorities seeing improvements to ITSM and IT service delivery and support. It’s also interesting to note how much of what is said relates to people.

Charles Araujo, Founder, The Institute for Digital Transformation

“On the one hand, the fundamentals that have always underpinned ITSM will remain unchanged. IT organizations will still need to function and we’ll still need operating practices and processes that guide those efforts. That said, as we come out of this pandemic there’ll be no question that the nature of *how* we work will change – and that will demand that organizations adapt their ITSM practices to best support a workforce that operates more remotely, more asynchronously, and more collaboratively.”

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