April 24, 2020

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Some Will Come Out Stronger, Some Will Crash and Burn | Araujo on Transformation

Published on Cloud Wars

Episode 2

In this episode: Charlie and I talk about how companies can survive the disruptions of COVID-19. Or, indeed, how they might come out of this challenging period even stronger than before. Uncertainty, Charlie says, is certainly the elephant in the room, and it can be debilitating. But there is a secret sauce that allows some businesses to work through uncertainty, and it involves hearty doses of both cultural agility and creativity.

Throughout our conversation, Charlie comes back to one perfect case study for resilience during coronavirus through agility and creativity: a high-end Chicago restaurant.

Charlie says that if you’re an enterprise leader, the biggest mistake you could make would be to see this as temporary. To just wait it out. Leaders have have a massive opportunity to use this time to experiment, to play with ideas, and to allow humanity and empathy to flow through. There is a silver lining here if we choose to see it. And we the customers will remember the businesses that treated us well, that helped us get through, when this is all over.

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