August 12, 2020

Digital Experience Revolution

The New Digital Worker is a Robot!

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The Digital Experience Revolution

Presented by The Institute for Digital Transformation

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Are the robots coming back for their jobs?  Science fiction has long-depicted robots as both human helpers and foils.  From Rosey on the Jetsons to Commander Data on Star Trek to the Terminator and even HAL, they can be a helper, a hero, or an anti-hero.  Charlie and Frank discuss the concept of robots and their role in our Digital Society.

But can robots be employees?  You’ll hear about one company that has developed a “Digital Workforce” of call center agents that can be hired and fired on demand.  When one of us makes a mistake, you usually say, “well we’re only human.”  Can you say that about a robot?

We discuss:

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About The Show

The Digital Experience Revolution, with Charles Araujo and Dr. Frank Granito, explores emerging trends and technologies around Digital Transformation, the Customer Experience and The Future of Work — and how they are reshaping organizations in the Digital Era.


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