June 18, 2020

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The New Resilience: Creative, Adaptive, Relentless | Araujo on Transformation

By Cloudwarslive
Published on Cloud Wars

Each month, “Araujo on Transformation” episodes feature conversations with Charles Araujo, founder of the Institute for Digital Transformation. We all hear a lot (too much?) about Digital Transformation, but Charles is working to ground that platitude in reality. An engaging speaker and best-selling author, Charles is spreading the gospel of business change through an equally human and technological lens. Today, we talk about “the new resilience” and why leaders need to think bigger than continuity.

Episode 4

In this episode: Charlie talks about the Digital Enterprise Readiness Framework, and its connection to the evolving idea of resiliency. These days, executive having business continuity plans (BCP) at the ready isn’t enough. We’re not going through a traditional disaster or disruption. The current moment of transformation is totally new.

Charlie wants leaders to accept, and even embrace, the fact that they cannot plan their way into the new future. What they can do is commit to the process, upgrade their technology and encourage their teams to be creative, adaptive and relentless.

Also in the episode:

  • How to create a resilient organization
  • Compensation models are still tied to the old world
  • Creativity is from the top down
  • “The beatings will continue until morale improves”

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