May 29, 2020

On the Air

The robots are coming back for their jobs

Published on WorkMinus

What are we talking about?

Staying human in the future of work.

Why is staying human important for the future of work?

The primacy of the algorithm states that whatever can be automated will be automated. So, we as humans need to up our skills to be able to offer more than just being a sub-standard robot.

What did Charles Araujo teach us about staying human in the future of work?

Charles says that we are in the greatest work-from-home experiments the world has ever seen. “This experience is going to change the way people interact, collaborate, and work.”

We’ve spent decades finding more efficient ways to bring a mass product to a mass market. 150 years ago, we didn’t have robots, but we needed them. So they business owners created them out of people. Everything was built on creating human robots.

We spend such a small amount of time right now on things that are taking full advantage of our creative brain. We have been conditioned to want that gold star which says that we did a good job today, but we don’t know how to define that anymore.

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