June 29, 2020


Uncovering the Relationship Between Transformation and Process Management

It was an odd question. Surely, I thought to myself, there must be a relationship.

I was having a conversation with Jamey Heinze, Chief Marketing Officer of iGrafx, and he had just asked me if I thought there was a definitive relationship between what were often disparate efforts within enterprises: business process management and transformation efforts.

Like many of us in the enterprise world, I seem to have lived several lives. For the last six years, my world has revolved around digital transformation. It’s been the focus of my research, writing, and talks since I gave a speech at a conference on digital disruption in New Zealand.

But prior to that, I was a hard core process guy. When I ran IT operations for a large healthcare organization my entire being was process-centric. And I then proceeded to spend the better part of a decade helping organizations adopt process discipline within their organizations.

In truth, I saw the disciplines as two sides of the same coin. Yet, somehow it had never occurred to me to explore the topic from a research perspective.

So, when Jamey offered me the opportunity to explore this rich topic from a deep, qualitative perspective, I jumped. And the results, were at once predictable and surprising.

Predictably, there is a very strong relationship between these two interrelated disciplines. The big surprises, however, came in how bringing them together led to greater results for both disciplines independently and in the enablers that made the integration of process management and transformation efforts work.

You’ll need to read the report for all the details. You can download it for free on the iGrafx website.


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