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Welcome to Your Digital Future

Before you dive in, can I just say that I'm so excited you're here and intereted in diving into my vision of what the Digital Era holds for us, and what it will mean to you as a Digital Leader.

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Whoa! Hold Your Horses

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Ok, let's get to it: Welcome to Your Digital Future

The mere fact that you’re here already sets you apart as someone who understands that the world is changing and that you must “future-proof” yourself as it does.

Unfortunately, too many people are sitting on the sidelines, eating their popcorn, and playing the role of spectator. They read the articles, they hear all the talk about the changes happening, yet somehow, they think that none of it is going to affect them.

They think that they can just sit in the stands and watch all of this play out.

But they’re wrong — very wrong.

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The Big Idea

We’re in the midst of a fundamental societal shift that is transforming everything from how we create personal and organizational value, to how we structure our organizations and governments, to how we educate our masses.

Automation and artificial intelligence are already starting to transform the very nature of work, how organizations function, and how we, as individuals and leaders, function within them. 

You can see the change happening all around you. We are in the early stages of automating anything and everything we can reduce to an algorithm.

By reading this far, you have signaled that you get it. 

At the very least, you understand that something big might be happening and don’t want to be left sitting on the sidelines watching as all the rules change.

Good for you.

But I have two words of caution before we dive into things.

First, I don’t want you to think that I am somehow going to provide all the answers. I don’t have them. Not even close. The best I’m going to do is challenge you with what are hopefully the right questions and with some ideas about how things may play out. 

Which leads me to the second caution: it’s going to be up to you to do something with what I share.

You’re here. That’s an excellent first step. But it’s what you do with what I share, with the questions I pose, that will make the difference. So get ready to move. No spectating allowed!

The Impact

Ok, so here’s what you can expect. 

In each of the next six articles, I will present an idea that will challenge your perceptions or preconceived notions about how things will work in the future. I will then offer an insight or suggestion about how to leverage that shift so you can thrive in the Digital Era. Finally, I will challenge you to perform a specific exercise or activity to put the idea into action and point you to additional resources (mine and others) to help you continue to explore the idea and integrate it into your life.

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In this series, I will introduce the core macrotrends and concepts that are driving my work today. To whet your appetite, here’s the list of articles in the rest of the series (but don’t skip ahead!):

If you’ve caught one of my recent keynotes or one of our MAPS workshops, these topics may be a bit familiar to you, but this is the first time that I’m putting them all together in a complete package like this and I’m adding some detail that we don’t have time to get into on stage, so don’t skip any of them! 

Need Time to Think?

I know this might be a lot to take in all at once. If you'd prefer that I send you the series via email over a few weeks, just subscribe below.

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