May 12, 2020

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What’s Next? Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts Of The Global Pandemic On Tech

 By Jeffrey Ton
Published on Forbes

It’s the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind: What next? What does the “new normal” look like? When physical distancing requirements are lifted (or loosened), what does that mean for “work”? The questions are all over our internet news feeds. To begin to understand the impacts, we have to start by looking at the impacts of the last few weeks.

Stage One

The impacts have obviously varied across industries, so allow me to generalize here. Some companies took decisive action and sent their employees to work from home. Other companies waited until local or state governments began to mandate the stay-at-home requirements. Regardless, some companies were ready, and some were not. (I don’t believe for a minute there were any companies ready for months of stay-at-home, but that is another story.)

Regardless, as author Charles Araujo states, “Readiness begets resilience.” Companies that had implemented an “anytime, anyplace, any device” approach to their technology systems were ready.

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