February 24, 2021

On the Air

A Translation Superhero

By Nomad Futurist 
Published on The Nomad Futurist Show

What does it take these days to be innovative in the world of technology? Is there a “superpower” that can cut through the increasing complexity of the IT infrastructure landscape, connecting the dots between technology and business?

In this generous and insightful #NomadFuturist podcast, technology industry analyst Charles Araujo shares his story and thoughts about the current state of IT and the career trajectory that led him to a position of leadership in the IT space as a thought leader, author and speaker, advising enterprise executives as they go through transformative organizational journeys.

A precocious geek and teenage entrepreneur, Araujo was able to articulate and translate technology concepts to upper management as a twenty-year old techie. This ability to provide a bridge to address a growing gap in understanding between technology and business remained a primary focus throughout his career.

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