January 17, 2018

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Business Process Management is central to digital transformation

By Tim Sandle
Published on Digital Journal 

Companies undertaking the digital transformation journey should be focusing on Business Process Management, according to analysts. One challenge of this strategy is ascertaining exactly what this management approach involves.

Business Process Management fits neatly with digital transformation strategies for businesses due to its technology-driven approach, and this is being made easier through a range of new software packages. The methodology helps synchronise key components of digital transformation like automation, IoT and big data analytics. To be effective, however, the strategic approach needs to mesh people, processes and technology, giving equal weighting to each.

One reason for digital adoption by many businesses is the need for increased speed and greater agility — allowing for better response to changing market situations or customer expectations. Traditional management models can provide some tools to assist with this, but few are aligned to the digital transformation process.

According to analyst Charles Araujo, writing on the website CIO, Business Process Management is an approach that meshes well with larger with digital transformation strategies. This is because unlike the cumbersome, legacy-driven approach to Business Process Management, which was largely document driven (primarily in the form of paper records), an array of new software is available to make the wholescale optimization of a business easier.

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