April 15, 2020

On the Air

Episode 60: The Future of Work…is Now

The technology community has been talking about the future of work for years; some organizations have embraced it, others have been inching their way towards it, and others have not made it a priority.  No matter what stage you are in, the future of work is officially here.  Our guest this week, Charles Araujo, Founder of The Institute For Digital Transformation, wrote a recent article titled, “Why the WFH Choices You Make Now Will Determine Your Digital Era Future,” containing the challenge of going beyond simply trying to replicate the workplace in a home environment. In this episode, Charles discusses with Jeff Ton how the practical, human side of a work from home culture blends with the technological aspects.  Charles also points out that recent events highlighted the  “very, very physical world” we are still living in and “the lesson here for technologists is that we have to do a much better job of connecting the dots between the digital and physical worlds.”

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