March 4, 2020

On the Air

How to Drive Digital Transformation Success

By Joei Chan
Published by Linkfluence

Is your digital transformation successful? Odds are, it’s hard to tell. Find out the secrets to success from our Q&A with expert, Charles Araujo.

Boosted productivity. Enhanced insights. Heightened agility. Digital transformation is business transformation.

But digital transformation can often be seen primarily as a technological shift within a business. However, that’s not what digital transformation is about. Why? Because technology alone simply isn’t transformation marketoonist(Although we do need the basics.)

To successfully achieve digital transformation, you need to transform your technology and your process; your strategy and your culture. As founder of The Institute for Digital TransformationCharles Araujo, told us, “Digital transformation is fundamentally about re-envisioning business models.”

Talk about a tall order. So, what’s the best way to go about completely changing your business? We sat down with Charles to find out.

Read our full conversation below.


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