March 4, 2020

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Walmart Was An Industrial Age Masterpiece, Then Came Amazon | Araujo on Transformation

Published on Cloud Wars

Episode 1

In this episode: Charlie introduces us to his philosophy of transformation. At his core, he’s an IT guy. He ran technical operations for a billion-dollar healthcare firm, then spent his career as a consultant for executives engaged in large-scale transformational programs: organizational design, operational optimization, and process improvement.

About a decade ago, working in IT transformation, Charlie came up with the idea of “the quantum age of IT.” That concept turned into a book, and a speaking tour, and the rest is history. In his more recent work, Charlie looks to the future with one eye on the past. Charlie and I talk about the fact that throughout the Industrial Age, it was all about producing a mass product for a mass market. The industrial barons of their time didn’t have robots—they had human beings. They trained us to show up on time, every day, and repeatedly do the same thing over, and over again. But with ever-increasing automation, that model is starting to fail.

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