June 9, 2020

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Dear Senior Management: Time to Step Up! | Araujo on Transformation

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Each month, “Araujo on Transformation” episodes feature conversations with Charles Araujo, founder of the Institute for Digital Transformation. We all hear a lot (too much?) about Digital Transformation, but Charles is working to ground that platitude in reality. An engaging speaker and best-selling author, Charles is spreading the gospel of business change through an equally human and technological lens. Today, we talk about design thinking, systems thinking and why the two must overlap.

Episode 3

In this episode: Charlie has been a fan of design thinking for years. It’s putting the customer at the center of everything you do. It’s about solving problems – and solving them empathetically from the perspective of your customer. Equally important, though, is systems thinking. The two must work together.

While he declines to name specific companies, Charlie says that we all know when customer experience or customer engagement fails: when some arcane backend processes have us hanging up the phone, cancelling our memberships, and the like. Great experiences depend on both design thinking and systems thinking.

Concluding, he talks about how the current crisis is going to fundamentally change the way we approach customer experience but also employee experience and engagement. If you’re a leader of an organization, or a leader of a tech company, you need to come to the table with a degree of humility.

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