January 6, 2021

On the Air

Service management for 2021: being adaptable to change

By Barclay Rae 
Published on The Axelos Blog  

Service management for 2021: being adaptable to change

Industrialization in any sector is initially driven by people with specialist, technical skills and knowledge in that area.

With maturity, the sector becomes more mainstream, with the need for other generic business skills. IT is a perfect example of this – as our industry develops, so we must widen our capabilities.

As technology analyst, Charles Araujo, wrote in The Quantum Age of IT, his 2012 book: “IT is now entering the retail phase.” His ideas remain valid today, with a greater focus on customer experience, the reinvention of technical roles and even the value stream idea developed through ITIL 4. 

To draw an analogy, most people’s experience of flying doesn’t directly involve the pilot; they engage with customer service and security people who are part of the value stream but nottechnical experts in aerospace.

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