July 21, 2020

Digital Experience Revolution

The Resiliency Requirement

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The Digital Experience Revolution

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Is change and agility so ubiquitous that we are no longer in the Digital Age, but in the Age of Disruption? Has resiliency become the newest organizational capability?

Charlie and Frank discuss how disruption has made resiliency a key capability in today’s organizations – not only the ability to recover from a change event but be better for it and make the next change event easier. Are some companies like SAS and Lucidworks providing the necessary customer intimacy tools to facilitate this resiliency requirement?

Finally, Charlie and Frank discuss the importance of resiliency in the “Transformation of Work” component of the Digital Experience Supply Chain.

We discuss:

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About The Show

The Digital Experience Revolution, with Charles Araujo and Dr. Frank Granito, explores emerging trends and technologies around Digital Transformation, the Customer Experience and The Future of Work — and how they are reshaping organizations in the Digital Era.


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