February 9, 2017

Market Analysis

Winning the Cloud Game: The Cards

This article was originally published on nuodb.com

Part 3 of a three-part blog series by guest blogger Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst of Intellyx. Full content can be found in our new eBook, “The Secrets to Winning the Cloud Game.”

By now, you’ve heard me explain the rules of this new cloud game and some of the cards that will bring you glory – but you need more than crowns to bring home the coins. In this post, we’ll talk about how you can finish out your winning hand.


You’re drawing to the royal flush, but you’re not there yet.

You’ve got the agility, the time-to-market, and the customer retention. But how you put that into action is all critical to building your winning your hand. That’s why you need your ‘Jack of all trades’: flexibility.

In a cloud-driven world, nothing is certain, and change is the only constant. That’s why flexibility is so important.

You need flexible deployment options. You need the ability to mix operational and analytical transactions to make rapid, real-time decisions. You need to be able to leverage different infrastructure elements based on the criticality and the demands of the workloads running on them.

Flexibility is what makes the other cards work. But it’s not automatic. You need to plan for it and protect it.


The face cards may get all the glory, but it’s the ‘10 card’ that brings the winning hand home. Even in the game of cloud, numbers still count.

In the rush to get into the game, it’s easy to overspend — especially on the wrong things. If you don’t pay attention to the numbers, you can easily find yourself in a hole you can’t climb out of before it’s too late.

The trick to winning this game is to bet smartly. You may be all in, but that doesn’t mean that you have to bet big on the first hand.

Playing to win means thinking about the future. Invest in an infrastructure that can grow when your revenue grows, and you’ll always have a comfortable lead. Put all your chips down on expensive infrastructure before you need it, and you’ll be out of the game fast.

You need to focus on consistently lowering your cost of both ownership and operation and ensuring that you’re placing bets that will give you the greatest flexibility in the future.


It may seem daunting, but you can win the cloud game — and it doesn’t require luck. You just need to build your winning hand.

It won’t happen by accident. Every decision — no matter how technical it may seem — will matter. That’s why you need to be at the table and be actively involved. The stakes are just too big to be left to the technical team alone.

When you go to assemble your winning hand, one thing will become abundantly clear: you’ll need a collection of cloud-focused solutions — like NuoDB — to pull it off.

To compete in the cloud-driven, SaaS world, you need agility, rapid time-to-market, high customer retention rates, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. One area that affects every card in your royal flush is the database. Using a database like NuoDB, designed specifically for this purpose, is the only way to deliver these capabilities.

It’s the winning Royal Flush you need to win the game.

This is an excerpt of the Intellyx eBook, “The Secrets to Winning the Cloud Game.” To download the full eBook, click here.


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