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Unique perspectives...

The unique perspectives you bring to topics many IT leaders struggle with is very valuable. I also like the humor in which your insights are delivered. It makes the topics very approachable. Yours is also a voice of reason in a lot of noise and hype.



I love your concepts...

I love your concepts and look forward to reading them and thinking about it. I always know you are going to hit something on the head and it's going to be good. 

Neil Miller


Actionable insights...

I appreciate Your Digital Future. I have always described it as "finding your humanness in the digital era. It's about the future of work, but more importantly, it is about YOUR (the reader's) future of work and where they fit in. It is filled with actionable insight. I love the humor."

Jeff Ton


Why You Need Your Digital Future

It's a new era with new rules — and it demands a new kind of leader.

But what's happening, what's next, and how do you become a Digital Leader? That's what Your Digital Future is all about.

Each week, I'll drill down into one aspect of what it means to be a digital leader, challenge you to look at things differently, and point you to resources (both mine and other's) that will help you transform yourself, your organization, and your team for this exciting new time.    

What You Can Expect


Each issue focuses on one actionable idea that you can explore and put into practice for yourself and within your organization.

Insights & Research

Each week, I'll deliver unique insights based on my experiences and drawn from our research, so you can move forward with confidence.


Being a Digital Leader is unrelenting and unforgiving. So each week, I'll offer a dose of encouragement and inspiration to keep you going.

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