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As a leader, your team is counting on you to guide them into the future. But in this post-industrial era of disruption, that future is getting harder to predict – especially as macro-trends collide leaving uncertainty in their wake.

Your Digital Future is a weekly, digital journal that will help you understand the transformative changes occurring as we exit the Industrial Age and enter the Digital Era — and what it will mean to your future.

It will help you future-proof your career and transform your team for these rapidly changing times.

The best news is that you can subscribe to Your Digital Future for FREE during the launch period. It will normally be $99 per year, but will be free for you as long as you maintain your subscription!

Still not convinced?

Let me tell you why I’ve launched this new digital journal and why I think it’s so important.

My name is Charles Araujo and I’m a technology industry analyst, author of three books (working on number four), a contributor to CIO.com, and a professional speaker.
Charles Araujo
In my research over the last several years, I’ve discovered two macro trends that are colliding and which will redefine everything we know about how we work and how organizations function.

In fact, I’m confident that as a leader, you’re already seeing the initial impact of this collision. For instance:
  • Are you having trouble keeping up with the pace of change? Does it feel like the next “urgent demand” hits just as you were starting to react to the last one?
  • Are you struggling to understand the continually changing expectations of both your customers AND your employees?
  • Are you trying to figure out how to adapt your leadership and management skills to meet these expectations, while also functioning in an operational model that seems to run counter to them?
  • Are you finding it difficult to find, retain, and reskill your team as automation causes the nature of work to be shifting on a continual basis?
I’m willing to bet that the answer to these questions is YES.

The good news (well, at least sort of) is that you’re not alone. Almost everyone is struggling with these issues. And the reason is that ALL THE RULES ARE CHANGING!

The tried-and-true rules of the Industrial Age – the rules that guided virtually everything about how the world worked – have been thrown into a state of flux by these two colliding macro trends.

As a result, many of the leadership tips and tricks (and virtually everything related to industrial age management) that helped you be a great leader and a great success in the past may, in fact, become your undoing in the Digital Era.

That’s why you need to reset, reimagine your future, and reinvent yourself (and your team) for it.

The New Digital Experience Supply Chain and the New Human Age

So what are these two trends that are changing everything?

The transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital Era is causing a fundamental shift in the nature of value creation. Rather than the drive for optimization and efficiency that created value in the Industrial Age, it is the customer experience that drives value in the Digital Era. This shift, therefore, demands that organizations transform their business models, operating models, and work models around the customer experience – what I call the Digital Experience Supply Chain.

At the same time, I believe we are rapidly entering a period in which we will automate anything we can reduce to an algorithm. The combination of these two macro trends will lead us into what I’m calling The New Human Age — a time in which it is the essence of our humanness that will become the enabler of personal and organizational value. 

These trends are changing the rules. Your Digital Future helps you prepare for what is coming next.

Your Digital Future: Your Roadmap to Being a Digital Era Leader

Your Digital Future is an action-oriented, weekly digital journal that will help you understand the transformative changes occurring as we exit the Industrial Age and enter the Digital Era — and what it will mean to be a leader in this new era.

Each issue will give you the insights, education, and actions you need to prepare for the changes that are underway so that you can find financial opportunities, have a greater impact, transform your team, and enjoy a meaningful life even as the world around you changes.

By subscribing to Your Digital Future, you will:
  • Gain a deep understanding of the trends that are driving the transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital Era – and the impact it will have on your career and team
  • Decode why, in an era of automation, humanness will become the primary driver of personal and business value – and how to overcome generations of conditioning so that you can unleash it to your advantage
  • Discover the practical approaches that will enable you, as a leader, to transform yourself and your team to thrive in the Digital Era

Each Issue, From Me to You

In each issue you will receive:
A Roadmap:
Each issue will start with a short, action-oriented lesson that will challenge your perceptions and provide the insights and education you’ll need to thrive in the Digital Era
A Growth Moment:
Each issue will challenge you to perform a specific activity or complete a project that will lock-in the lesson and help you develop skills for the digital era
Additional Resources:
Each issue will also include links to my most recent content, updates on my new book, The New Human Age, and other related content to help you further your education and development
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